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April 3, 2012 / btgaudio

Apex Butte: Day 2 – More reviewing

So I recently finished a spectacular mod on some D5000’s and they sound GREAT.

They also respond very well to amplification, as expected. So these cans can give me a better idea as to how the amp shapes the sound! My other headphones are very sensitive so they don’t need amplification like a D5000 or other high-end headphones.

I just ordered my cMoyBB’s blown U2 and am waiting on the part to arrive so I can fix my cMoy. That should be around April 5th. This will give me a better idea of amp vs amp, rather than amp vs no amp. In which case the Butte would easily trump the headphone out on a iPod touch.

But after my cMoy is repaired , I won’t have the D5000’s because they aren’t mine. ūüėõ

So as you can see, I cleaned my desk…….

And I got some stuff to play with! In this picture I’m running an iPod touch to the amp with a SPC LOD. Then off the signal goes to some borrowed D5000’s.

With the D5000, there is still a little bump in the rump, but amped vs non-amped, the lows and highs reach further! Also it sort of smooths out the signal, so that the lofty highs of a violin melody don’t needle at your ears.

This next bit doesn’t¬†pertain¬†directly to just the amp, but rather its pairing with these headphones:

I did notice, when listening to the D5000’s stock, that the bass was a¬†woolly¬†mammoth stumbling¬†across¬†the soft snow. Post mod, (one ear modded the other not) I could directly see how the bass was heavily tamed and now sounded taunt! But some of the sheer force of the bass was stolen away for the D5000’s. Because of the little bump in the rump of the Apex Butte (rump – butte heh heh) the headphones were able to have the strong bass AND tighten it up! Is this great for everyone? No, but it’s¬†definitely¬†something to think about when buying the Apex Butte or the D5000’s.

That’s all for now folks!

PS: I forgot to mention the amp does get pleasantly warm when left on to extend periods of time. Again not a problem and to be expected, but something to know, nothing less.


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