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April 15, 2012 / btgaudio

Apex Butte: Day 3 – End of reviewing

It’s been kind of crazy the past few weeks and I really haven’t gotten any good listening in until the last few days.

So here is my final setup for reviewing.

So I am running a iPod touch with a LOD to a splitter. The splitter goes directly into the cMoy and the other end goes to an extension cable to the Apex Butte. From there, they are delivered to my bassy Se215’s with foam tips. The amps are stacked so that I can switch them in a moments notice. And switch them often, I did!

I didn’t have a friend to help me out, so I was unable to conduct any blind testing. I am also in no means a real reviewer, it’s just part of the deal when you get the amp for loan.

That being said, let hear my final thoughts.

The amp looked and felt great! The controls are solid and everything feels like it plugs in very very well. But the sound just didn’t WOW me. Using high efficiency cans, I couldn’t tell the difference between my  cMoy and the Butte. This was extremely disheartening. Why should my $60 cMoy even stack up against an desktop amp? I have no idea, but it was rather surprising to me to find that I prefer my cMoy.

Though they sound the same, my cMoy us much less SNR or noise than the Apex Butte. Because the cans are high efficiency. I didn’t need to turn up the volume and possibly overcome this SNR. I am a stickler for noise, and I hate any of it. On top of being noisy, sometimes the left channel would randomly experience more noise of top of that! I expect more from such a high-end amp.

I must say though, both amps are pretty forgiving on lossy recordings. They seem to take away the nasty edge and smooth out the sound. I will say I did notice that the Butte is a little darker than my cMoy, but this could be because of the little bass boost built in.

Another thing to mention is that the volume pot is spot on at all levels. Unlike my cMoy, I can make it play at low volume levels, but because of the noise, it’s not viable.

So in conclusion, either my cMoy is badass or the Apex Butte leaves the listener with much to desired.

And hopefully I will be graced with the opportunity to listen to the Apex Peak!


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