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October 22, 2012 / btgaudio


Seems like every post I mention how crazy it is at BTG-Audio…. Well because it’s true! As the title states, I’ve had an unprecedented number of sales in the past month. Before I’d usually have a sweet break in the middle of the month where I could work on developing products and what not.

Now, however, I’m 5-10 orders deep the entire month through. Working day and night every day to get your orders out. Some of you will see I reply to your emails at 1 am pacific regularly. Yeah….. It’s pretty full at BTG-Audio.

This does start to concern me though. I do have to keep emails to a point. I can’t fart around on emails like I used to and I tend to miss things or forget to inform customers about things. So for that, I apologize. I’m trying me best to juggle projects, emails, paperwork, and most importantly…. school. 

So thank you all for your constant support. Business is great! A little busy for one man, but still manageable for the time being.

Gift cards coming soon! Stay tuned for that, if you want to get your friends some audio gear for the holiday season!


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