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February 15, 2013 / btgaudio

Special Announcement!

Drum roll please……

Fit earz

It’s finally here! The fit ear cables will be built and shipped shortly! Also the product pages will be updated to reveal the final cable design so there is no more confusion as to what they product will look like. I am very pleased with how the cables turned out. The company I worked with doesn’t usually put memory wire in the plug, but I was able to pick up so R&D cost to get it made. So now I have one of the first aftermarket Fit Ear cables!!!

Here are the Links to my webstore product pages:




Second special announcement is……

He-400 modded


That’s right! I put down $400 for a set of He-400’s just to modify and see if I could put Mini-XLR connectors internally, and it worked! Just another case where I purchased a new set of headphones just to void the warranty and upgrade, but it all turned out great! Everything just barely squeezes together, and I learned a few things for modifying future Hifiman headphones (the grill shouldn’t just be pushed out, otherwise you break the little tabs on the inside and end up having the glue the grill back on. Ooops!).

The modification will run $95, with the standard $5 discount if you also purchase a cable.

Here is the webstore link :!/~/product/category=2609209&id=20207679

Not much now, but I hope to add more information when it is requested.


In other news, I just went to see an accountant and file my first year of business taxes. Pretty busy month for BTG-Audio,  still working on some of last month’s orders! I had the single largest month first thing January. Luckily February was a bit slower so I could catch up, work on new projects (like the Hifiman mods and fit ear cables), and file taxes. But March is looking foreboding because I will be shipping another lot of cables to get CIEM, and Fit ear pins molded on. Running low on Sunrise cables, and the Starlights are selling quite quickly. Sold half my stock in a month of the release!!!!!

For all of you who know me, that means if you have a special request for custom length Sunrise or Starlight cable, please contact me ASAP to get your order in.

Thank you all again for the support. I couldn’t have done all of these things without the support of my customers. Referrals are basically 100% of my business, so THANK YOU!





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