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June 12, 2013 / btgaudio

CIEM cable update

Hey All!

Been some time since the last post, so lets get started:

Right now I am attempting to restock over 150 CIEM cables and 50 starlight cables. Work is moving along, but I am still waiting on some new wire before I can send the cables to the plastics company for CIEM molding. After that, I’ll be able to have PLENTY of stock (hopefully……) and better cables!

About this new wire I am speaking of, as you may know I was informed of some greening/corroding issues with IEM cable users. Oils from the skin would permeate the XLPE insulation and cause the cable near the ears (where in constant contact) to turn green. Though performance does not suffer, aesthetics do. That is why I took the time to design my own cable from the ground up, rather than going with the Mogami wire traditionally used in my cables. This new wire will bring more manufacturing BACK to the US, moving me a few steps closer to only using USA made supplies and tools.

The new copper wire will be 26 AWG, as per usual, insulated in the clear LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) that is currently on my SPC wires (also made in the US!). Wire size will be exactly the same as before at 1mm in OD. Here’s where it gets interesting… The strand count has been bumped up to over 60 strands! Clocking in at 66 strands. This is two times the strand count of the previous wire. I was initially told that even at 26 AWG with 30 strands the bundle would be uneven, resulting in a wire that is more like 25 AWG, however with a new bundling pattern, it was possible to get more strands in while maintaining the 1mm OD! Here’s where it gets most interesting…. This time around, the wire will be coated with a base layer then insulated in LLDPE. This creates a double shield, making the wire much more resilient to corrosion from skin oils. Fingers crossed this works!!!!

SPC wire will not share this same design until it is clear the new design works and wire can be sourced.

So, once I get this completely custom BTG-Audio wire in, I will wrap up building the CIEM cables and ship them out to the plastics company. All new Sunrise cables will be made from this proprietary wire once I get the wire cleared. 

Stay tuned!



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