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June 26, 2013 / btgaudio

BIG BREAK! For my international Customers.

I think its time that I eat the cost and provide cheaper shipping for my international customers. Lately, almost 25% of order have been from customers out of the country. A lot of them paying $25 or more just for shipping!

I appreciate the support, and the continued support from my international customers has made it possible for me to consider subscribing to a new postage printing service and provide low cost postage for those who are patient.

Traditional shipping services will still be available, but for those who don’t really care about the wait and want the cheapest shipping available, I will be offering (hopefully) sub $5 shipping. This cheap shipping comes at a price however. I will not be covering ANY lost packages shipped via this method and customers will need to probably wait 4+ weeks for the package. Hopefully, I can give back to those of you who have dealt with $25 shipping for so long!

These changes will be rolling in come the beginning of July. Hopefully within the first week baring any webstore issues.

On a side note concerning CIEM cables:

I will be shipping some 90~ cables out to be turned into Starlight CIEM cables and Black Sunrise Cables very shortly (early July). I’m still waiting on new wire before I start the Sunrise CIEM cables up again. Hopefully this Gen 2 BTG-Audio wire will NEVER tarnish *fingers crossed*.

Signing out,



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