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About BTG

Hey! I’m Brian Takeshi Goto, or BTG. Most people call me Brian, Goto, idiot, etc, but that is beside the point. The point is, you came here to get to know who I am and why I do what I do.

Quick and dirty, here is is;

Bottom line is: I make cables and fix headphones because I like to. This isn’t a job for me.

The not quick and dirty method is this;

I’m your average American student living in the comfortable suburbs of California. I’ve never been a fan of the city, and I appreciate what nature has to give. This is why I recycle shipping materials and plastic bags, rather than just buying new stuff and throwing away perfectly fine bubble mailers or bags with “Mouser” stickers on them.

I’m also a student, studying electrical engineering. Since I’m not rich, I’m doing my prerequisites in a Junior college and hopefully transferring over to Cal Poly SLO to get my BS. For those of you who are like me, saving 2 years worth of college tuition is a GREAT idea. But you better kill Junior College. 😉

I hope one day I can make this my career and provide for my family, but right now, it’s not even close. That’s why I depend on you, the customer, to help me grow. It’s because of my great customers and support that I can continue to try and achieve my dreams. So thank you for supporting me. Love you guys!

Also, I may not be caucasian, I am still an American and I take pride in this. That is why I make it my goal to buy tools and parts when it’s financially effective. In the beginning I did have to buy cheap tools that were made in china, but I heavily support the “Made in America” Movement.

Hopefully in a few short years, all of my tools and supplies will come from US vendors and manufacturers. I realize I am paying a premium for the prices and making less profits because of it, but I don’t believe in outsourcing and find it detrimental to the American economy which supports me.  I hope you will also join me and try to uncover and purchase american made goods.

BTG-Audio cables. MADE IN USA.

I’ve often been asked, why I take orders over email, rather than just setting up some automated shop to deal with my customers. I do it cause I love talking with customers. It’s fun to really get to know the human being, rather than stick them in some data base and chuging numbers. There are great people out there and it’s fun to talk with them.

I also believe superior customer service comes from dealing with your customers on a “One on One” basis. I can save people money, hear new ideas, and generally have a good time with emails! Sure it takes a lot longer to talk with everyone, but I think it is the proper way to run a business and I hope I can keep doing it as long as BTG-Audio is still running.

So send me an email! Come have a chat! Your always welcome. I’ll be happy to guide you to your perfect cable, regardless of whether its my 8 strand cable or just the budget fix. I will NEVER push the envelope and pressure you to make a purchase your not 100% ok with. And in the event I don’t have anything your 100% ok with, I will assist you in finding your dream cable to the best of my knowledge.

Check out this interview!


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