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January 26, 2013 / btgaudio

Late notice!

This is a late notice, sorry for not getting to it earlier, but the Fit ear cables are at the US injection molding plant and being processed!!! Finally an aftermarket Fit Ear cable!!!! Slated release is mid to late February, so get your pre-orders in while the price is low!!! As per usual  there is a sale before the Fit ear cable actually hits the shelf, so don’t miss out!!!!

Here is a proof of concept sample the factory sent me. Obviously the finished cable will have my copper or silver plated copper wire.

fit ear

fit ear-2

You can pre-order your cable here:

Sunrise (copper):!/~/product/category=2706350&id=19157950

Starlight (Silver-plated):!/~/product/category=2706350&id=19157956


Also, as the first month of the new year closes, BTG-Audio has had a record number of sales!!! To think that over the past year, sales have grown 14 times the initial amount is really unfathomable for me. Well its a great way to start the new year if you ask me.

Thanks again for all your support!

Happy listening.

January 7, 2013 / btgaudio

Quick Update.

Copper wire is back in stock!



January 1, 2013 / btgaudio

Out of wire!!!!

So as it turns out, in the process of making the Fit ear cables, I’ve run out of wire. I will have more expidited on it’s way, but I do not have clear or black wire currently!!! Only SPC is left currently. 

ETA for new wire will be January 8th.

Sorry for the inconvenience!!! I’ve ordered double my usual order so hopefully this time I can really not run out of stock!!!

December 24, 2012 / btgaudio

Early Christmas?


Look at what showed up on the door step! The Starlight cable is finally here and I have a lot of pre-orders to fill out.

In other news, the Fit ear cable will start to be manufactured late December or early January and is slated for arrival in early to mid February. Keep your eyes peeled! I’ll have pre-orders opening up soon.

Happy holidays!

Brian Goto

December 20, 2012 / btgaudio

Update on BTG-audio wait period

So, I did shut down the webstore, but in doing so I did close up the Starlight cable pre-order. However, the cables are slated to arrive on Monday of next week!!!!

So when January 3rd rolls around, I will keep the Pre-order price available for ONE week. So if you want a Starlight cable, and you missed the initial pre-order, you will be able to snag a Starlight cable for the pre-order price w/o the wait just for ONE WEEK!!! So save some Christmas money for a Starlight CIEM cable!!

After Jan 10th (not on) the price will be put at it’s regular price and the sale will end. So mark it on your fresh calenders!

December 16, 2012 / btgaudio

Round 2…

Well it looks like BTG-Audio once again needs to close the doors to get caught up with orders!

Both a good thing and bad thing, but things need to get done. Not to mention the coming of Christmas and New Years, I’d like to get out and spend time with my family too!!

BTG-Audio expects to re-open January 3rd.

So as of 12/17/2012, BTG-Audio is not accepting orders, but will screen potential customers and put them on a waiting list so that the customer may place their order right on 1/3/2013!

Thank you all for your constant support, I really couldn’t have had a successful first year without you guys!

Happy holidays!

Brian T. Goto


PS. Another one of these “vacations”, if you will, will not probably not happen again. The holiday season really throws things around which is why they needed to happen in the first place. Anyway, to a better BTG-Audio next year!

November 24, 2012 / btgaudio


Guess what?

Starlight cables are finally up for pre-order just in time for the holiday season!!! Pick up yours today and be the first to get the latest addition to the BTG-Audio line up!

Took long enough now didn’t it? Anyway, they are being shipped to my injection molders on monday and should be good to go by mid January for those of you who want to know.

In other news, Gear is clearing out of the way. I’m going to take care a few school things before I take in new orders, but all is looking well for the new year.

Happy Holidays!